A parts supply network spanning the globe

Marine transportation is the backbone of global logistics, so it is absolutely important that any issues with navigation equipment do not affect shipping schedules. It is also essential that the equipment on board ships has as few problems as possible, and that any problems that do occur are swiftly resolved.

We have specially developed a new socket system so that, on the rare occasions when a light malfunctions, the LED bulb can be replaced at a touch. As soon as the bulb is replaced the light will be as bright as when brand new. And if a onboard spare bulb runs out they can be acquired at ports all over the world via our globe-spanning parts supply network. Lastly, the LED bulb's lifespan is 40,000 hours, so bulbs can be replaced during routine inspection and there is no need to replace them while at sea.










Producted by IBUKI KOGYO CO.,LTD.